Patient Testimonials

Green Compassion Network Medical Cannabis Patient Testimonials
(To protect their privacy and honor confidentiality with our patients, their names have been withheld.)

“Amazing! Thank you Michael! You and your wife are doing a good thing! You are a blessing to people.”

“Has helped me feel like I’m allowed to feel better.”

“My use of narcotic pain relievers has disappeared. I am currently 6 months sober. My drinking has declined, as has
my use of sleep medications. I have been much less anxious and depressed.”

“Less pain!”

“Relieving me of most pain, has improved every aspect of my life.”

“I’m exercising and getting physical activity again!”

“Helps my depression due to chronic pain.”

“I’m off Percocet!”

“It has enabled me to sleep through the pain in my shoulder and right leg sciatica.”

“My pain and sleeping have improved.”

“I’m more functionable.”

“It has improved my pain level and depression.”

“100 percent it got rid of my lipomas so I can walk again and relieved my mental health symptoms.”

“I have lost 43lbs since my last visit. It has improved my anxiety, pain, and I feel more focused on
my goals. I feel better because I am not in so much pain.”

“Reduces the severity of spasms, muscle cramping, helps to improve flexibility, helps with headaches, helps
with sleeping, helps improve overall daily activities and anxiety.”

“Improves my mood, and appetite when getting chemo. Also helps with sleep and relaxation
in general. Helps me deal with my back pain on a day to day basis.”

“Less pain, less anger.”
“I am able to manage pain to 0-3, I realize depression and anxiety is not a qualifying condition
it should be I feel better than I ever did with meds”.

“Reduce nerve pain which aids in sleep and daily activities. Helps with areas of creativity also. No longer take Gabapentin for nerve pain!”

“This is miraculous! Thank you!”

“The pain has improved a ton.”

“I’m happy and I’m learning.”

“Improved sleep, appetite, outlook, and less painful memories and isolation.”


“I was unable to sleep more than 15 min. At a time. Now I get 3 to 4 hours.”

“I am actually able to sleep for once. Wouldn’t and can’t without it. It’s helped with my anxiety
and has given me some of my “life” back that I was lacking.”

“Lower pain levels have allowed for better sleep to the point of not using sleeping pills at all from using them
every night. Also pain level such that not needing Percocet at all.”

“I have been able to stop both of my blood pressure medicines and now have a normal blood pressure!”

“Extremely helpful to me with pain, as a sleep aid, and in decreasing anxiety”

“It’s has honestly made me the person I’ve always wanted to be, physically and emotionally”

“It has given me the ability to endure longer hours on my feet at work. Improvement in my quality of sleep and
no longer needing Xanax for anxiety. I was able to start working out again also.”

“My ADLS have significantly improved.”

“I am able to function more normally now that I am sleeping well and am not in significant pain.”

“Reduced side effects from migraine meds and can sometimes stop or lesson migraine and IBS body pain.”

“It’s improved my life greatly.”

“It allows my pain to subside enough to get a full night’s sleep. Before I would wake up
almost hourly with tingling and pins and needles going down my arm.”

“Most importantly changed my perspective about life. I am a better human than ever in my life.”

“Relaxed, focused; everyday living is much better.”

“I no longer have the bad pain that I have with my IBS. I also have less jumping reactions to noises.”

“Helps me fall asleep and stay asleep. Parkinson’s meds mess with my sleep.”

"It enables me to function better with less pain and sleep better at night.”

“It was a miracle. The pain from my IBS goes away after using marijuana. I used to be on the floor for up to two hours in the fetal position with my
heating pad. With marijuana the pain is gone in 20 minutes. Headaches gone within 10 minutes. I sleep 6 hours instead of 4. I am anorexic and have
been since I was 15. I had a really bad five-year battle that I just overcame last year. I was at 90 pounds and I was able to get back to my normal weight
of 118. If I don’t use marijuana my weight plummets because I have no appetite. Marijuana gives me my appetite back and I am happy to eat. Anorexia
really needs to be a qualified condition. Marijuana saved my life so I could be here for my family and friends. It also takes my anxiety away and calms my
fear so I don’t have a panic attack that leads me to a bad place physically and mentally. My PTSD isn’t as strong and more manageable. I don’t jump at
everything anymore. I sleep. I don’t have nightmares anymore. My sleep paralysis has gone away. So many helpful things for my specific needs.”

“It has helped with my MS muscle spasticity.”

“It has helped with sleep (sometimes it made my pain diminish so well that it made me want to stay up).”

“It has also helped me focus better and helped me be more alert”.

“I was on Klonopin over 6 years. I’m now off it. Sleeping and eating much better.”

“I feel like a better person.”

“It has greatly reduced my pain and inflammation making everyday activities much easier.”

“Just everything... from the swelling the relief of different things... thank u very much...”

“Able to reduce opiate use by close to 30%”

“It has made my life so much better! Given me a natural alternative that I can self-regulate to manage my pain! Days when I’m in more pain I
can take more and days when it’s less I can take less. I’m no longer taking any prescription pain relievers or muscle relaxers.”

“Easy to manage my own medicine rather than count on others for refills…clearer mind by eliminating Lyrica…helps
with stomach problems allowing me to maintain a good diet.”

“Able to reduce prescribed medication by 3/4. Has improved on my moodiness. I’m socially more active.”

“Has reduced anxiety, and reduced the amount of overall daily pain experienced, and reduced my use of over the counter pain medicines”.

“Has helped with anxiety and pain; I’m more calm.”

“It helps a lot with the pain associated with my recent cornea transplant the most. Also helps my appetite & sleeping.”

“It helps me to take care of my house chores more consistently. I am able to take my son to the park for
longer periods of time. I sleep better and get up less often during the night.”

“When I am really triggered by something, it’s the only thing than can calm me down.”

“It has made it possible to get thru the day to day with the minimalist pain.”

“My experience has been positive. I have pain, an anxiety disorder and PTSD; vaping helps with all issues.
“Keeps me moving.”

“It has helped me to sleep much more restful at night while reducing pain.”

“It has improved my pain and nausea symptoms. I can tolerate more activity and seem to get out of the house more while using medical marijuana.”

“I slept all day on pain pills, now I’m active all day; cooking, cleaning, exercising…. busy and on the go every day!”

“It has helped my anxiety tremendously and some pain and most definitely sleep.”

“Less stress and anxiety; it has helped my everyday life.”

“Every day is better in ways that without my medical marijuana it would be difficult for me to stay out of the depression and anxiety.”

“Great for pain relief and inflammation. It greatly increases my ability to have an appetite and actually enjoy eating.”

"An overall improvement in symptoms with no negative impact. The largest reduction
has been in over the counter medications. I’m sleeping much better."

“Reduced pain and anxiety.”

“Bright outlook; I quit 2 antidepressants.”

“I’m more focused. Much happier.”

“Life is better.”

"I'm not in an opioid fog any more…Dr. took me off all opioids as a result of MMJ…don't miss them…
using CBD oil also...I'm awake enjoying life again…able to move around more.”

“It has helped me feel better and be able to relax and come off morphine…for that I’m
grateful. It has also helped me sleep better and decrease other pain meds.”

“I’m off my opioids and enjoying life!”

“Lessened significant pain that I have had for 35 years.”

“PTSD symptoms are less therefore helping with Fibromyalgia.”

“I’m off over 200 pills a month, that’s 4 Rx.”

“Lots less pain able to have more movement. Heavy lifting again. Not as much anxiety and depression. A lot better moods.”

“Had back pain for about a year and doctor wanted to send me to an arthritis specialist and medication.
Pain has been relieved since my medical marijuana card.”

“Managed to lose 30 pounds. Doing a lot more activities and exercise without as much pain.”

"I am using THC tincture and CBD tincture. The exacting doses and method of delivery help me to more precisely treat symptoms. It allows me to be
able to work more and engage with people better it allows me to be more present with my family and gives me increased mobility to enjoy a better
quality of life. I am weaning off Lyrica and no longer use Ambien. I am using much less over the counter pain meds also. I am still learning how to
dose more effectively, and I use a little more than 2.5 ml sometimes."

“All around better quality of life, less stress and anxiety, better person for myself and family and society.”

“More active during the day. Better sleep at night. PTSD and Anxiety under control. Less frequent nightmares. Less panic attacks. I just feel better at
everything. It’s so nice to want to wake up and enjoy a day with family and friends rather than sleeping my life away.”

“Helps me eat, sleep and cope with everyday life better.”

"I’ve made huge leaps and bounds on my anxiety and especially my sleep. Nightmares are way down, sleep walking is down some as well. I’m
sleeping so much better. I’m no longer afraid to go to sleep. I’m much calmer which makes me more productive. I’m not having as many nightmares.
I’m able to sleep and my appetite is getting a tiny bit better.”

“Having several issues with combat related issues, this program has been more effective than any others.”

“Less pain in most of my pain areas…..muscle pain, arthritis, etc. Has helped with psych issues….I’m more relaxed..”


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