Ohio Medical Marijuana Dispensaries To Expand

Date Published 5/14/21, 2:01 PM

Ohio to Expand Medical Marijuana Access

More than 170,000 Ohioans hold valid prescriptions for medical marijuana, but the state only has 52 licensed dispensaries. That adds up to a big problem for those who seek legal remedies for their doctor-affirmed afflictions but cannot use a medical card to legally obtain medication. The Ohio Board of Pharmacy recently acted to change that by more than doubling the number of approved dispensaries in Ohio.

Ohio currently has 52 licensed dispensaries open to serve a growing number of patients who have prescriptions for medical marijuana. With more than 170,000 residents holding valid prescriptions and the number growing every day, the state now averages about 3,270 prescription-holders for every open facility. That means a lot of people are not getting legal medication due to limited access.

State Approves 130 Dispensaries Target

With a clear problem afflicting the state’s holders of medical cards for legal prescription marijuana, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy in April approved expanding the number of licensed facilities in Ohio to 130. The board already issued 57 licenses for dispensaries with 52 now open.

The board approved okaying up to 73 more permits to ensure valid prescriptions are filled and patients can obtain their medically prescribed medicine. That does not mean the short-term problem will go away quickly, but the board will review its applications for dispensaries and enable the state to more than double the current number now open and serving the more than 170,000 prescription-holders in the Buckeye State.

Greater Access Should Lower Costs

In addition to enhancing access for prescription marijuana, the state pharmacy board also wants to lower the average price to make it more affordable. The current supply is much lower than the demand, which is making it costlier for patients to obtain fill their legitimate prescriptions. More than doubling the number of licensed facilities and enabling them to open over the next year of two should help to increase availability while reducing the cost for medical card holders.


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