An Inside Look at how CBD is Helping Veterans Cope With PTSD

Date Published 6/25/21, 4:48 PM

Much has been made of the high suicide rate of American war veterans.  Comparably less has been made of the growing number of American veterans using CBD to treat their PTSD symptoms.  Attitudes toward CBD are clearly changing.  More and more states are legalizing the use of CBD and cannabis for medical and recreational purposes.  CBD is proving particularly popular among American veterans who enjoy its calming effect without the high caused by the psychoactive component of THC in cannabis. 

CBD for PTSD Symptoms 

Though studies have not yet been conducted to determine if there is a scientific basis for CBD treating symptoms of PTSD, research in this space is starting to take place.  As time progresses, that many more veterans are publicizing the fact that CBD makes it that much easier to cope with PTSD and feel normal after returning home from battle. 

Sadly, the United States department of Veterans Affairs reveals 20% of veterans who served in Iraq and 15% of those who fought in Vietnam suffer from PTSD each year.  PTSD has the potential to be mentally crippling, making it difficult for veterans to segue back to their regular family life and working a 9 to 5 job.  Those who specialize in the study of PTSD are quick to point out surmounting the symptoms of PTSD takes years or even decades.  In some cases, it takes months or several years for PTSD symptoms to manifest in the first place. 

Why CBD is so Helpful for PTSD 

CBD is the component of marijuana plants that is not psychoactive.  The use of CBD triggers the endocannabinoid system within the body that has the potential to generate even more cannabinoids.  CBD is shown to alleviate pain and help manage symptoms of anxiety.  CBD is available in the form of CBD nugs, CBD oil, CBD topical solutions and more.  The medical community is still conducting studies to determine the wide array of benefits from CBD.  It is quite possible CBD will prove helpful for conditions aside from PTSD.  The World Health Organization states there is no proof of any health-related issues stemming from the use of CBD. Military veterans who use CBD are quick to testify that it helps manage all sorts of symptoms including the inability to focus, insomnia and anxiety.  Some veterans use CBD to sleep better at night, concentrate better during the day and push suicidal thoughts out of the mind.   

Veterans are Choosing CBD Over Prescription Medications 

Another key advantage of CBD is it does not carry the negative side effects of prescription medications that supposedly help mitigate PTSD symptoms.  As an example, some such medications cause damage to the interior lining of the stomach after repeated use.  In fact, some such prescriptions are so new to the market that no one is quite sure of the potential long-term side effects.  If you are dealing with PTSD or other mental or physical pain, you should give serious consideration to the benefits of CBD.  Your condition might qualify you to use medical marijuana through a medical card, significantly minimizing your pain and greatly improving your well-being. 


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