How Long Does It Take to Benefit From Marijuana?

Date Published 6/11/21, 4:40 PM

Most of those who are interested in using cannabis wonder how long it takes for the positive effects to manifest.  Thankfully, the impact of cannabis is quite quick.  However, the manner in which you consume cannabis ultimately determines how quickly its benefits are produced.  As an example, someone who uses medical marijuana that is high in CBD and low in THC might not notice the effects as quickly as someone who chooses a strain with a high level of THC. 

CBD and THC are Different 

Before we delve into the specific amount of time it takes for marijuana’s benefits to prove noticeable, let’s discuss the impact of CBD versus THC.  CBD does not provide the same immediate impact as THC.  Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive.  Rather, CBD is commonly used for pain relief, preventing seizures and decreasing inflammation.  One dose of CBD might not make a large difference in treating depression or anxiety.  However, if you were to continue using CBD for weeks or months, you would notice a meaningful difference in due time. 

Alternatively, THC has more of an immediate impact.  THC creates a feeling of euphoria.  Furthermore, THC has medicinal qualities for individuals who suffer from depression, anxiety and PTSD.  However, THC is fairly potent nowadays so those who feel fearful, nervous or paranoid after using it should give CBD a try. 

The Length of Time Necessary to Feel the Impact of Cannabis 

Smoking or vaporizing marijuana provides instant elation and pain relief.  However, if you were to ingest marijuana through a marijuana brownie or cookie, it might take upwards of several hours to feel the effects.  You simply do not know how your body or mind will react to marijuana so it is best to start out slow with minimal consumption.  If you feel as though a small amount of marijuana at a low dosage is not making the intended impact, you can always increase your intake in the hours, days and weeks ahead.   If you chose to smoke or vaporize your cannabis, it will only take a couple minutes to feel the impact. 

What About Tinctures and Topicals? 

There is a common misconception that smoking is the only way to enjoy timely pain relief and feelings of euphoria.  The truth is tinctures and topicals minimize inflammation and pain within half an hour or less.  You can easily obtain such products with your medical marijuana card. Tinctures can be applied topically or ingested orally.  Some tinctures take upwards of an hour to work their magic while others work within 20 minutes or so. 

Be Careful With Edibles 

A marijuana edible will likely take an entire hour to make the intended impact.  However, it will be quite a powerful impact if the cannabis is used to make cannabutter which is high in THC.  Edibles are typically favored by those looking for lengthy periods of euphoria as such tasty treats are that much stronger than other forms of cannabis use.  So don’t down one marijuana cookie or brownie after another in the hours after chewing through your first.  Be patient, let the single edible set in and you will agree that it is quite powerful after the first hour or two passes. 


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