2 Conditions Rejected, 1 Recommended for Ohio Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

Date Published 7/3/20, 4:05 PM


Autism, anxiety, and cachexia were reviewed for possibly being added to the current list.

Earlier in June, an Ohio State Medical Board committee met via teleconference to review conditions to be approved as qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in the state of Ohio. Since the medical marijuana law was passed in 2016, autism, anxiety and cachexia have been on a list for consideration.

The committee voted to reject autism spectrum disorder, and anxiety as qualifying conditions. However, the panel did recommend gaining full board approval for cachexia, also known as wasting syndrome. While the committee came to their decision only after receiving expert opinions, they did not provide an explanation for rejecting the other two conditions.

Autism & Anxiety Were Rejected

This is not the first time that autism spectrum disorder and anxiety have been rejected. In fact, these conditions were rejected last year despite receiving initial approval. Once the committee heard from local children’s hospitals, they opted to reverse their decision.

Since these disorders were petitioned by the public once again this year, the committee did move forward with reviewing them for inclusion in the qualifying conditions. They received over 130 public comments urging the state to add autism and anxiety to the list.

While it is not clear why the board rejected these conditions, they do have the potential to be reviewed again if they are petitioned in the future.

Cachexia Recommended to Gain Full Board Approval

Cachexia, commonly known as wasting syndrome, was approved by the committee to gain full board approval. The symptoms of this condition include severe weight loss and is most commonly found in those suffering from chronic conditions such as HIV and cancer. While some conditions associated with cachexia are already on the qualifying conditions list, some still have not received board approval.

Cachexia is a condition that causes severe weight loss and can be associated with cancer, HIV or AIDS or other chronic conditions. Some but not all of those conditions are already included in Ohio's medical marijuana program.

In order for petitions to be accepted for review, there must be some support by doctors and scientific evidence that medical marijuana can help an individual. During the meeting, the committee noted that drugs already approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat cachexia already contain synthetic THC. These FDA approved drugs are known to improve the patient’s quality of life. 

Ohio Continues to Move Forward With Medical Marijuana

As more scientific evidence becomes available about the positive effects of cannabis for medicinal purposes, it is possible more conditions will be added to the qualifying list. If you suffer from one of the qualifying conditions in Ohio, it’s incredibly simple to get your MMJ card. Simply find a location near you and complete the intake process. Then, meet with an approved doctor. They will be able to prescribe your MMJ card and help you begin to experience the benefits of medical marijuana. Contact us today if you have any questions!


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