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What You Should Know About Cannabis Science and How It Affects Your Lifestyle and Health

Cannabis science offers remarkable insight into how CBD can positively affect your lifestyle, health, and overall wellness. Recent studies show a correlation between thate and exercise, with evidence that it affects your endo cannabinoid system (ECS). It helps you to balance your weight and better manage your stress.

Ohio Medical Marijuana Dispensaries To Expand

More than 170,000 Ohioans hold valid prescriptions for medical marijuana, but the state only has 52 licensed dispensaries. That adds up to a big problem for those who seek legal remedies for their doctor-affirmed afflictions but cannot use a medical card to legally obtain medication. The Ohio Board of Pharmacy recently acted to change that by more than doubling the number of approved dispensaries in Ohio.

Medical Marijuana Basics: What Every Ohio MMJ Patient Should Know

Whether you have used marijuana in the past or just recently learned about medical marijuana, it is every patient’s responsibility to understand the basics.

Petitions Now Being Accepted For New Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

The deadline for new medical marijuana conditions petitions is December 31, 2020.

Latest Studies Report Positive Results for Chemotherapy Patients Using Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana studies in Australia show that patients can better manage the negative effects of their chemotherapy.

Medical Marijuana In Ohio & Multiple Sclerosis (MS) – What You Need To Know

We understand that the daily symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) are not easy to manage. They can be painful, irritating, and disruptive to your daily life. Fortunately, the THC in medical marijuana has been proven to help aid in managing patients’ daily symptoms of MS.

Association of Medical Certified Doctors Continues to Grow in Ohio

Just 1% of practicing physicians in the state have the required certification to recommend medical marijuana at this time.

How Does Medical Marijuana Help My Symptoms?

Medical marijuana is approved to treat certain conditions in the state of Ohio. Learn how this natural extract can help with pain management and other symptoms.

New Study Finds Medical Marijuana Decreases Number of Hospital Visits of Sickle Cell Disease Patients

This new information can help patients across the country decrease their painful symptoms.

MMJ Businesses would like Ohio’s Medical Marijuana System to Grow

The State of Ohio is not ready to expand the program to meet the demands of patients and dispensaries.

Medical Marijuana Tele-Health Appointments Now Available for Those with Qualifying Symptoms

The State of Ohio has lifted the ban on Tele-Health MMJ card appointments as an emergency response to COVID-19.

$133 Million of Medical Marijuana Sold in Ohio in 1st Year

Since the launch of the medical marijuana program over 16,000 pounds have been sold to MMJ card holders.

The Ohio Senate Approves Increase of Marijuana Decriminalization Amount To 200 Grams

The bill passed with flying colors and has doubled the amount of marijuana that is considered decriminalized by the state.

2 Conditions Rejected, 1 Recommended for Ohio Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

Autism, anxiety, and cachexia were reviewed for possibly being added to the current list.

DEA Approves Permit for Continued Medical Marijuana Drug Development

The medical marijuana industry is once again seeing positive strides as the DEA approves MMJ International Holdings' request to import proprietary cannabis extracts into the United States.

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